Emma Blackery gets way too much hate. Does nobody realise how fantastic she is!?

Sure she can seem a bit angry at times and sure she swears a lot, but she’s funny, she’s sassy, and she’s like THE MOST fantastically sarcastic person on YouTube, she continuously makes quality, entertaining videos and from what I’ve seen, she’s also one of the most caring as well.

If you follow her on twitter, you would’ve seen how effected she was by a fan of hers (I think it was a fan) who said she was going to commit and how much she was telling people to tell that person they were loved, she then proceeded to support and try and offer help to anyone else who was thinking about suicide.

She’s made videos about fighting depression and becoming a happier person and has openly talked about her own experiences with depression. That takes fucking guts. I haven’t talked to my closest friends about when I was depressed, and she spoke about it to thousands of people that she doesn’t know and has never spoken to before so she can raise some kind of awareness.

She’s been really supportive of MCR fans since they’ve broken up, and I know that may not seem like a lot, but as she’s said in her tweets, they meant a lot to so many people and were a life line. The amount of times she’s emphasised how important it is to make sure people know how special they are to the people around them is countless.

How many time have you seen any other YouTuber do anything like that? Barely ever. Dan and Phil are great, (I mean I love Dan and Phil) but I’ve never seen them be as supportive to their fans as Emma Blackery is. I’m not putting shit on Dan and Phil, I’m just pointing something out.

Emma does so much good for her fanbase but all she gets in return is people getting angry at her for being a “wannabe Dan”, people who rip her off for her teeth (which is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen), so much hate on tumblr and minimal praise and love for all the good things she’s done.

She also puts up with the most invasive and stupid questions for her Ask Emma videos, even when she wants to make a serious one, people were still being fucking idiots and asking ridiculous questions. Like, do people even filter and think about things that they post!? Fucking hell.

And lastly, I think it’s absolutely amazing that she’s going and individually replying to all the letters she’s getting in her PO box.

It legitimately makes me so angry that more people don’t realise how amazing she is and I kind of feel like she deserves so much better than what she gets. I hope that Emma sees this. I want her to know how fantastic and beautiful she is. She deserves more than any other person on the internet to get some kind of love, because she doesn’t get it enough.. I don’t think so anyway.

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